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In 1989, a few students of Master Wang Yen-Nien, inspired by the first «Rencontres Jasnières in July 1988, had the idea to gather, in a spirit of unity, all practicioners of Taiji quan, regardless of their styles. To do this, they decided to create a European structure in the form of a federation of all styles. But on November 18, 1989, was born the French federation of Traditional Taichi, which became in 1997 the French Federation of Wushu Chinese energy and martial arts. So this group of students, all belonging to the Yangjia Michuan style, decided to create a structure that would welcome every european association and individuals practicing the Yangjia Michuan style. So on December 23, 1989 the Amicale of Yangjia Michuan was born.

The Amicale

Association registered in France as a « Law 1901Association» Amicale aims to unite the European associations practicing Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan. It also hosts individual practitioners who are not members of any association. Its mission is primarily to ensure that all practitioners of the style get to know each other and can meet.

Currently, Amicale brings together 85 associations representing about 2000 members from France and various European countries : Germany, England, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland.

To achieve its objectives, Amicale has set up various elements :

-   A quarterly newsletter full of varied articles related, of course, to Taiji but also to the activities of the association and its members.

-   A website where everyone can find information about the life of the association, on practice, on workshops and events of Amicale and member associations.

-    The edition of various publications, books and DVDs.

The big realization of the Association lives in the annual organization of the "Rencontres". This meeting welcomes, around November 11th, approximately 200 participants, every club members, or individual, for a few days of practice, exchanges, friendship and party.

Every year an association organizes voluntarily these Meetings in its region.

The calendar of these days is unchanging. Days are dedicated to studios workshops the themes of which are chosen by the followers, in the morning during the breakfast. These workshops are livened up by volunteers, either professors or assistants, or "young people" avid to live a first experiment of teaching. So are offered to each of the multiple subjects of practice: shape, weapons, work for two, meditation, at the same time as a different lighting on the practice and the spirit of Taiji according to the diverse teachers.

After these days of practice in common, the welcoming association organizes, always with a big success, a festive evening offering, besides a gala dinner, a show among which the directors and the actors are members of the association.

The Amicale let all members free to belong to the structures of their choice.

As for her, she remains except any organization not wanting, in these circumstances, to become some hierarchical authority.

The Association is above all a set of friends who share the same pleasure, that to practise Taiji quan of Yangjia michuan.