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The Gathering is open to practitioners who are up-to-date with their subscriptions, individually or collectively through their affiliated associations. The Gathering is also open to practitioners of other styles, upon invitation by the Committee Board (limited to 5 places) in the framework of the access policy approved by the General Assembly of 8 November 1997 at Houlgate
At its Gatherings, the Amicale is happy to welcome accompanying non-practitioners subject to availability, and once the requests of practitioners have been taken into account.
When registering for the Gathering, accompanying persons should indicate their status and will be placed on a waiting list. Places still free after 31 August will then be made available.

By registering, I accept in full the following points:
  • Registrations shall be deemed valid upon receipt of full payment which must be made within 15 days of registration.
  • I will not claim any right to images or films taken/recorded during the Gathering.
  • If I take photos and/or make films during the Gathering, I agree to provide a copy to the Amicale for its archives.
  • I accept the following cancellation conditions:
    • All cancellations must be made in writing both to the Bureau of the Amicale and to the organisers of the Gathering.
    • No sums will be withheld if the cancellation takes place before the application deadline.
    • After this date, sums may be deducted according to when the cancellation takes place in relation to the beginning of the Gathering.
In the event of duly justified Force Majeure, the following fixed amount shall be deducted:
  • Zero euros 30 days before the first day of the Gathering;
  • Fifteen euros (€ 15) between 29 and 10 days before;
  • Thirty euros (€ 30) between 9 and 5 days before;
  • Fifty euros (€ 50) between 4 days before and the day itself. 

In the event of non-justified Force Majeure, the following proportional amount shall be deducted:
  • 30% from the day after the end of registrations to 20 days before the first day of the Gathering;
  • 50% between 19 and 10 days before;
  • 100% between 9 days before and the day itself.
However, no sums shall be deducted if cancellation is due to health reason and where such an activity would be counter-indicated (medical certificate obligatory).

A minimum delay of 10 full days must be respected when informing those on the waiting list if their request has been successful.

NB : the Bureau of the Amicale will study each cancellation request on a case-by-case basis, before deciding whether to deduct sums, and after consultation with the organisers. The Bureau of the Amicale remains sole judge as to whether Force Majeure may be applied.

By registering to this Gathering I grant the Amicale to digitally process my personal data in order to keep the registration file up to date
Processed data will be available only to the Bureau of the Amicale, the Organisation team and the hosting structure
In conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation in force since 25 May 2018, I may request access and rectification of information about myself by contacting the Secrétariat of the Amicale.
Right of publicity. By validating this form you acknowledge that you will not claim any right in this matter.
Cancellation.By validating this form you confirm that you have read and accepted the cancellation conditions stated above.

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